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Yale Cabaret 2016

This piece began with a question of process: How can the instincts  and training of improvised music be applied to devised  interdisciplinary work with artists from other disciplines?


Collisions is a trans-media collage play that utilizes improvised music in conjunction with words, images, and dance to explore the creativity released when disparate elements unexpectedly meet head-on.

"The point of mixing media is in the mixing, generally. Here, one is often struck by the wherewithal to sculpt with sound and image and physical performer. Collisions can be a very immersive or contemplative experience, and, in the best tradition of live performance, it makes you glad you were there."

— New Haven Review 2016

Conceived and written by Frederick Kennedy
Co-directed - Kevin Hourigan and Frederick Kennedy
Additional text: Jeremy O. Harris
Additional music: Molly Joyce

Choreography: Jake Ryan Lozano, Gretchen Wright 

Dramaturgy: Ashley Chang, Jeremy O. Harris

Set Design: Choul Lee, John Bondi-Ernoehazy

Costume Design: Cole McCarty

Lighting Design: Elizabeth Green, Krista Smith

Sound Design: Christopher Ross-Ewart, Frederick Kennedy Projection Design: Yana Biryukova, Michael Commendatore



Frederick Kennedy, drumset/percussion, MAX

Kevin Patton, guitar, custom interactive system design

Evan Smith, saxophone/woodwinds

Matt Wigton, bass

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.39.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.41.15

Photgraphy by 

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