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Richard and Jane and Dick and Sally

Baltimore Center Stage

Directed by Taylor Reynolds

Composer / sound designer - Frederick Kennedy

Scenic design - Stephanie Osin Cohen

Lighting design - Reza Behjat

Costume design - Alicia J Austin

A Paper Dance
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"See Richard struggle to keep his family intact. See Jane rebel. See Dick wear Mother’s clothes. See Sally defy Father by learning sign language. See Spot talk. Silly Spot!

Playwright Noah Diaz has drawn on his experience working from 2014 to 2017 as a sign language interpreter in Omaha’s public schools. Pupils who were hard of hearing were taught to speak by mastering the “Dick and Jane” primers, which, Diaz said, can be useful for practice pronouncing consonants and diphthongs.

Though the Dick and Jane books later were criticized as conformist and dull, the series was at one time wildly popular — perhaps because it presented an idealized depiction of white, middle-class suburban life in the mid-20th century.

Diaz’s play knocks that rosy picture helter-skelter."

Baltimore Sun

RJDS_Sound GP v2.jpg

"Sound Designer/Composer Frederick Kennedy crafts a soundscape that’s rich, demonstrative and also ironic."

Cybele Pomeroy, DC Metro TheaterArts


"Kennedy’s efforts are especially noticeable as the sound and action move along together, hand in hand, sometimes unsettlingly so, with a rich original score that hits you, when you’re not expecting it, masked in an upbeat, bright sound with a creepy undertone. Hats off to Kennedy for his work."

Jason Crawford Samios-Uy, Backstage Baltimore

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